demo 2

by Last Castle

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demos that will eventually be re-recorded with a full band and released on our first full-length titled Abhorrent Existence in late 2017


released April 13, 2017

all music and lyrics by Vülküre



all rights reserved


Last Castle Greenville, South Carolina

Black metal with elements of death, doom, and dsbm. Hating all of humanity and praising Satan's name in the bible belt.

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Track Name: Hellish Musings of a Lost Soul
darkness engulfs as a crawling hand
contorted and vile, it grabs and pulls me closer and deeper
searing hatred overthrows my thoughts
the mind indulges on inflicting torment to itself
this flesh feels foreign and unreal

consumed with misery as the veil of fog is lifted
clutched in the merciless grip of time
as it crushes the flames of life with great pleasure
leaving a profound hunger for answers that will never be given
overwhelming longing for compassion that does not exist

wasted my whole life on purpose
killed all my dreams just because I can

innocence is a disgusting and sickening lie
we are born lost and blind and stay the same until we die
your only fate is to rot and decay, it is but a matter of time

try to reach for help in vain
the end of this path that's ensnared you is death and pain

can't seem to bleed out, but not for lack of trying
it always just gets replenished unwillingly
laid out flat on a floor of concrete
caress the smooth ground, absent of warmth
it is just as cold and lifeless as I
Track Name: To Exist is to Suffer
Existence of consciousness, can only bring more pain
it might seem otherwise but it will be back again
lies upon lies, to gain semblance of false contentment
why refuse to understand that life is infinite torment
life is mandatory torment

The eternal void we inhabit is fooling us for fun
pretending to have meaning, yet having none
no connections will ever last, none of these things are real
the scars of your betrayal will fester and never heal

sail the depths of negativity with me
accept the worthlessness of life, embrace depravity
pushing the mind to full disassociation
such bitter hatred beyond articulation

soulless, vile, putrid humans, such parasitic scum
unsatisfied with the truth of life, invent a god to numb

life is an illusion so why not end it
the shorter it's duration, the better

to suffer without end is the nature of reality
it shall loop forever, trapped in a paradox of infinity

now the wait for death won't have much more delay
so tell the endless void, I'm on my fucking way

crushing...all your dreams
wasting...pathetic thoughts
no reason to resist
to suffer is to exist

crushing...all your dreams
wasting...pathetic thoughts
no reason to resist
to suffer is to exist

god cannot see us down here
we are completely alone
my flesh is crawling, trying to escape
my mind is seething, caught between fear and hate
all that is left to do is shove your miserable god back down your throat until you fucking choke